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Wild and Kinky Sex Positions

So where is the wildest place you had sex lately? Or are you doing it the same way every time in the same place? Think your partner is getting tired of having it the same way, and probably ending with the same results.If you're in a rut with your sex life and need some new ideas, we've got the product for you. Lovecentria has developed an online sex guide that provides a wealth of information that will give you many new ideas on how to improve your sex life. So if you think you've tried every sex position, you will probably find out that you haven't even scratched the surface. Lovecentria has illustrated photos for over 200 sexual positions. These are real couples having real sex, done in an educational way without being pornographic.There's nothing better than hot sex with your partner. So get out of the rut, and check out Lovecentria for new wild and kinky sex positions that you can try out with your partner. You and your partner might just start enjoying sex again.

Natural Ways To Build Sexual Stamina

Sexual health is really no different than normal health. If you are overweight or out of shape, how do you expect that your sexual health to be better than your general health. So the best natural ways to build sexual stamina and health is to get better overall health. So you know what you need to do: eat better, get 30 minutes of exercise a day, quit smoking, drink moderately, get plenty of sleep, yada, yada, yada. But will that be enough? Probably not. Most men, especially as they age, should start taking herbal supplements or vitamin packs to treat a variety of aging issues. Your sexual health should be no different. If you are having sexual dysfunction issues, you should understand that it's part of the natural aging process through your thirties, into your forties, and beyond. By adding natural male enhancement to your daily routine, you can improve your sexual health and maintain an active sex life. Our favorite natural male enhancement pill is ProSolution Pills. ProSolution Pills is uniquely formulated to boost bloodflow to the penis and improve the quality and fullness of erections. A natural effect of this greater fullness is much greater, more pleasurable sensitivity.


A popular belief amongst men is- "it's difficult to understand women" because they're secretive or will just not let you in on their personal likes and dislikes. And women think similarly in the case of men- "they just don't understand". Yet women do wish that men would make an effort to know the sexual secrets of women....

Sufficient fore play-

Foreplay begins with kissing and sucking on the lips, the breasts, the nipples, the neck, behind the ears, the earlobes, thighs, back and wherever. The whole idea of foreplay is not to do the same thing too long but have variations. The tongue should be moist and the lips soft and gentle when kissing. Light nibbling and whispering in to the ears and at the throat and on the sides of the throat arouse a woman tremendously. It is equally important to prolong the foreplay to keep the excitement high.

No hard rubbing and dry sex

Men do not realize that heavy and rough pressure on the breast or nipple is annoying. That only puts the woman off rather than arousing her. Caress her gently and lovingly. Wait for her to be wet at the vaginal lips before you penetrate. Being dry is a clear indication that she is not yet ready. Alternately apply a cream in and around her vagina and on your penis. Sometimes it takes time for a woman to be physically wet on the outside even though she is ready.

Time is important - be sensitive-

Your climaxing too soon is certainly not a woman's idea of sex. You should be able to hold on till she is ready. No woman enjoys sex if you are done before allowing her to orgasm. And holding on too long is also not a good idea. That is not the manliness she admires. Once the woman is done she wants you off her because she's as spent as when you've ejaculated. Allowing her to orgasm up to two or three times is fine. More than that is laborious and boring. So time it right - not too fast and not too slow.

Sex Resolutions

Here's a New Year's resolution you'll definitely want to keep: Make 2010 all about shaping your sex life. Who can resist a regimen involving more sex and romance? Between self-improvement, enhanced pleasuring, and the fun to be had planning your course of action, you (and your lover) are sure to have fun throughout the process.

Your personal sexual revolution

1. Let the spirit move you — sexually speaking

Even when you don’t feel the urge, invite it. Be more spontaneous. This could mean touching your partner more, suggesting a new sex position on the fly, or pulling your lover away to a secluded location for one hot-'n'-heavy make out session.

2. Set up your own sex program.

Buy a handful of quality sex books. Pick and choose the activities you fancy, then map out your sex workout schedule. Don’t be afraid to make sure your significant other sticks to it.

3. Engage in all sorts of erotic talk.

Go outside of the box with the way you deliver sensual, romantic, or dirty talk. Then be sure to never run out of juice (btw, my book “Sultry Sex Talk” is due out later this year — it’s packed full of ideas).

4. Do something you would never do in the sack.

Now note: you don’t have to like it. But just try it — be a “sexplorer.” Whether it’s watching erotica that may seem unappealing or going on a sexual adventure beyond your four walls or buying that taboo sex toy, carpe diem. Then enjoy the reward of “been there, done that.”

5. Have sex in every room.

While most New Year’s resolutions are aimed at getting off the couch, get on one to get things started. Make it your mission to go beyond the bed, blessing other areas of your home. Half the fun is trying to get away with it. You may have to steal away from work or get up extra early to make this a mission accomplished.

6. Ask for what you want.

Your partner isn’t going to give you oral, turn on the video camera, or give you a tender, loving erotic massage unless you put it out there. Have 2010 be the year you reveal what turns you on and how you hope to become sexually satisfied.

7. Have more sex.

The key to coming out on top with this one (and in more ways than one) is to expand your definition of sex beyond intercourse. Note: This can include spending more quality time with yourself; having more sex and experiencing more touch are sure to put an extra spring in your step.

8. Cultivate your sexual connection.

Lovers complain about each other — a lot — and that doesn’t bode well for the bedroom. As the slogan says, “Quit your bitchin’ and start a revolution.” This starts with remembering why you like each other and reflecting on what’s needed to start feeling hot for each other again.

9. Become “sex positive.”

By that, I don’t mean doing and embracing everything under the sun, as this term has been hijacked to represent. Rather think about sex as a wonderful, full-of-pleasure part of being human that is to be celebrated and enjoyed. If you have trouble getting a handle on this, work with a sex counselor or therapist. You owe it to yourself.

10. Learn a new trick.

Add to your repertoire, acquiring at least one new technique, realizing that some may take longer than others — and quite literally, like lasting longer in bed. Actually execute on some of those sex tips the media bombards us with daily. You’ve got nothing to lose.

11. Go on more dates.

Whether you want more action or hope to find the one, you have to put yourself out there. Truth be told, most of their suggestions in those dating books are a crock. Finding somebody to fool around with or spend your life with is, like it or not, is very much a numbers game. You better your chances with the more people you hit on, go out with, and generally try to meet.

12. Become “that” couple.

Be the couple that’s always all over each other, exuding sexual energy that’s contagious. Go for the weekly sexual adventure, no apologies. Be the Joneses who everybody thinks is having way more sex than they are. Be erotically envied instead of wishing you were part of the action.

13. Take a sex workshop.

Find a qualified sex educator who’s all about better sex. This could involve everything from learning how to perform a new move or an old move better, how to experience multiple orgasms, how to have Tantric sex, or how to postpone gratification. The possibilities for more passion are endless.

14. Move on.

If you’re mourning a past sexual relationship, get over it. You can’t embrace what may come — including yourself — if you’re stuck in the past. Become forward thinking and be open to what 2010 has in store for you — which could be something better and more amazing than you’ve ever known.

15. Get in tune with your sexual self.

The sex department is a part of you, no matter how much you try to compartmentalize it. Welcome your sexuality — and its inherent sensuality — into the rest of your life. In the end, you will exude much more appeal.

16. Fight for your sexual rights – or another’s.

If you don’t stand up, who will? Battle for what is rightfully yours or be willing to accept the consequences.

17. Enjoy your efforts!

Don’t get consumed with reaching your sex goals, but enjoy the journey — all 365 days of it.

Four Myths About Healthy Sex

Ever wonder if everyone is having lots of perfect sex…except you and your partner? Most of us question how our sex lives stack up. But the reality is, the two of you don’t have to experience Earth-shattering orgasms to have healthy intimacy. In fact, chances are your sex life is in better shape than you think—even with the occasional off-night or dry spell. Here, four top myths you shouldn’t buy into.

You both need to be in the mood

It’s normal for sex to be a little ho-hum for one or both spouses up to 15% of the time. Any number of factors can throw things a bit off-kilter: timing, your mood or his, the amount of foreplay, life stresses, you name it. Rather than postponing until the planets align, have sex when you can—and don’t interpret an off night as a sign of a failing relationship. If your man seems disengaged, just be affectionate and look forward to next time. To keep things exciting, make a point of venturing out of your comfort zone occasionally with new positions, locations, and sexy videos.

However, if one or both of you is never, ever in the mood anymore, consider seeing a therapist or medical doctor to rule out any underlying health problems.

The best sex is spontaneous

It’s a fact of modern life: What we don’t schedule, we don’t do—and sex is no exception. Expecting it to just happen spur-of-the-moment could lead to long dry spells, whereas penciling it in on your calendar is a show of commitment; plus, it gives you both something to anticipate.

I advise my clients to establish a weekly time for intimacy, meaning anything from sex to cuddling. Choose a time you can both commit to easily, without exhaustion or daily responsibilities getting in the way. Devoting that time should take you back to those eagerly anticipated first dates.

You must have sex three times a week

Having sex regularly nourishes a relationship, sure, but don’t get too caught up in the counting. Most happy couples don’t have sex every day or even two or three times a week. What’s important is that you both are satisfied with the frequency. If that’s not the case, start a discussion outside the bedroom by saying something like, “We don’t have sex as often anymore, and it worries me.” And remember: There’s more to a healthy sex life than just sex. Get your RDA of intimacy by cuddling, holding hands, and spontaneously hugging and kissing.

Good sex is long and slow

Few of us can afford the luxury of leisurely sex. (Frankly, most of us secretly think it sounds like more work after an exhausting day.) And holding out for the ideal moment can lead to infrequent or, even worse, vacation-only sex. The solution? Embrace the quickie. Think of it like a sex snack, sure to boost your energy and put you back in the mood. For extra excitement, break out of the bedroom: Five-minute romps are perfect for unusual locations, even if that just means your shower or sofa.

Good sex everyday, keeps doctors away

Healthy sex leads to a healthy life. You may have tried copious measures to get that extra glowing skin and shiny hair. You must have also worked out rigorously to achieve that perfect ten figure you've desired. But the key to your mind and heart is fulfilling sex. Even for those who lose their temper or are always in a depressed state of mind, 'sex' can be the solution. A happy sexual life with your partner not only gets you in shape with better skin texture and silken tresses, it also burns extra calories, keeps you fit, combats asthma, relieves headache, reduces depression and tranquilises your mind. From make-up experts, hair stylists, sexologists and fitness connoisseurs – there's a common consensus that a vigourous sexual life leads to a healthy life – both physically and emotionally. We get them share more on this...

There have been several notions stating that 'sex' produces certain hormones that bring happiness, which lead to a fit body and a healthy mind. Shedding some light on this, Dr. Sanjay Chugh, specialist on sexual issues, states, "Sex contributes to general good health. Any sexual intimacy that is enjoyable and pleasurable promotes well being by providing several physical and psychological benefits. It is believed that sex boosts chemicals in the body that protects us against diseases. Research also suggests that sex and masturbation can help ease joint and muscle pain, combat depression, promote heart health and lengthen one's life span."

Dr. Samir Parikh, clinical physiatrist adds, "The basic fact is that a good sex life also means in a larger picture, a good relationship with one's partner and this makes the partner happier, less stressed and by virtue of that physically healthier." Not just this, sex also accelerates blood circulation and one's basic metabolic rate, which further enhances the well-being of our mind and soul and helps us calm down. On these emotional benefits, Dr Chugh adds, "A satisfying sexual relationship strengthens the bond between couples, making them feel secure and loved. The feeling of emotional connectedness adds to ones sense of belonging, which in totality helps them achieve a positive physical, psychological and spiritual state that is necessary for one's general health."

Elaborating further, on a scientific angle, Dr Avdesh Sharma, a consultant psychiatrist, and an expert on relationship issues shares, "Sex is a way of bonding at the physical, mental and emotional level and leads to health (including psychological) benefits. If it is used as a mechanical process, it may have limited benefits. There are physiological benefits of positive changes in parameters like pulse, heart rate, reduction in blood pressure (after an increase in B.P. specially if vigourous sex is tried), dilation of blood vessels and capillaries of the skin, leading to a 'glow', burning of a few calories (depending on the duration of the act and vigour), exercising of some of the muscles, thus improving lung capacity (during heavy breathing)."

However, we also need to understand that sexual acts work more in terms of improving resistance, but are not a safe guard or a treatment to illnesses. Any sexual act can neither be used as a treatment nor would it change your stresses of life, which one would need to resolve irrespective.

"The extra edge of sex may be due to the feeling of being wanted, an expression of emotions and certain hormonal and physiological changes that happen as an expression of love for another individual. Unfortunately, the benefits of sexuality are usually quoted out of context and people may look at this as a panacea for everything. But sexuality without emotions have limited value," concludes Dr Avdesh Sharma.

Reasons for Skipping Sex

Being tired or needing sleep are the top reasons for skipping sex, a new poll shows. The national poll, conducted by phone in January by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, included 1,000 adults 18-75. Women made up 52% of the group. Most participants, 57%, were married or living with a partner, and 48% have kids younger than 18 living at home. Most participants, 81%, said they sometimes avoided sex last year. Here are their top five reasons for not having sex, along with the percentage of participants who chose that reason (they could choose more than one reason for not having sex)

1. Too tired or need sleep: 53%
2. Not feeling well or health reasons: 49%
3. Not in the mood: 40%
4. Taking care of children and/or pets: 30%
5. Work: 29%
The flagging economy wasn't one of their reasons. Of the 595 participants who reported being sexually active in 2008, 78% said that the economy hadn't affected how often they have sex.

Other findings from the survey include

45% of sexually active participants say they've ever planned a time to have sex with their partners, but only 7% schedule sex on their calendar or PDA.
56% of men said they think about sex daily, compared to 19% of women
People who rate their health as "poor" are less likely to have sex, but they're not less likely to think about sex.
Parents of kids younger than 18 were more likely to report having sex in 2008 than people not living with children.